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D15208 - Cour de la Mosquée d'Eyoub

From a painting by Lt de Vaisseau Douillard
Printed in Paris - LAPINA


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  • Hikmet on 2015-Aug-25 06:05:02 Hikmet said

    Couple of years a go from my aunt I have inherited many old paintings.One of them is this one, i don't know if the painter done two of this view or is it the print you have. I was suprised to see it in your site. My paintings signature is on the left signed as Daprés?(i can't read it properly) Douillard, dated 1886. My paintings canvas looks very old there are no cracks and damage on the painting. The painting was very dirty and it's has been cleaned carefully. I would like to get more information about this painting, thank you.
    Regards, Hikmet

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