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3 - Salut de (Gauffree)

These postcards were printed in Franfurt Germany by Rosenblatt Lithografische Kunstanstalt company (serial number found on the back of the card is part of the card's name - i.e. L-B12780 has the number 12780 in the back over the stamp box area).

Rosenblatt was specialized in the production of picture postcards as well as congratulation cards by chromolitho process. Rosenblatt closed down by early 1909 as a result of the US protective tariff.

Rosenblatt is best know for their wide range of (often embossed) border/passepartout cards. These cards were not only designed and printed but also often published by Rosenblatt. Mostly leaves, fruit or shells with changing inserted local views. It is said that there are at least 25 different Rosenblatt border designs around.

(Many thanks to Helmfried Luers for identification and background information.)

Cards in my collection are found both with divided and undivided backs indicating these cards were either reprinted or printed through time with different views. Undivided back shows that the history of the cards go back to times before 1906 when UPU did not allow postcards with divided backs. I have only few used cards which are dating back around 1909.

Not definitive but the local publisher of these cards is suspected to be Jacques Ludwigsohn. The numbering scheme and "Salut de Constantinople" writing on the cards indicate that these belong to the same series as the Mehner & Maas series.

Some cards do not have the decorative frame on the back. As seen in some cards, the same border is used with multiple views.

There are a minimum of 32 cards in this series.

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